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Aline & Pierre-Olivier

We have been to many weddings, and more often than not the wedding photographer’s performance seemed a like a chore for the wedded couple, who needed to step away from their family and friends to go and get cheesy pictures over a bunch of roses... It’s cliché, but  unfortunately it’s often the image we’ve had from wedding photographers : pictures of the wedded couple and for the wedded couple’s benefit only.

What happened for us with Ben is we checked out his website, had a chat with a good friend of his and fell in love! Such a breath of fresh air and such energy!
Ben brings a real touch of youth and dynamism to his work. Everybody is wondering if they will have the honor of being the next victim of “the man in a plaid shirt running around everywhere with his gear”.

His work was absolutely sublime:  genius spontaneity, a huge dose of finesse and artistic flair, giving us the shivers each time we look at the pictures again. Our guests are delighted too to have great pictures of them and of the wedding’s atmosphere.
We wanted the pictures to be unforgettable. Ben did it! Viva the artist!

Carine & Alexandre

Benjamin, or the art of combining fun, great pictures and uncanny moments.

With his lively, likeable personality, Ben made  us feel relaxed during the whole day and gave us the impression of being quite unique. The atmosphere was easy-going.
Benjamin knows how to be discreet, on the watch out for a spontaneous moment, but he also can be the leader boosting and motivating the troops. His contagious energy is what got us beyond the “classic” wedding pictures.

We were deeply moved when we discovered the photo gallery online. It is a marvellous representation of that wonderful day; the pictures are, quite simply put, amazing.
Despite all his merits, Benjamin had help from the great weather too... “peeing light all over” as he put it. Thanks again for everything.

Cecile & Jean François

For our wedding pictures, we wanted something beautiful and original, and we wanted someone different from these wedding photographers who give the impression they are on autopilot all day long, with a predictable result. Benjamin had told us from the start : wedding pictures are not his core business, and that’s probably one of his strengths. If you want original, you will get it.

Benjamin is quite a character. That kind of guy with an easy contact, whose determinedly cool attitude can surprise or puzzle at first. But you quickly get to understand that it’s another of his strengths, and it makes a day in his company extremely nice.

He’s everywhere without being invasive. He gives directives without being bossy. Benjamin goes through the day in both a professional and an energetic way. It’s quite something to see him in action, tackling the tricky moment where every guest wants a picture of them with the wedded couple.  And Benjamin can kindle a relationship with the bride and groom as well as with the guests. It goes to the point that several weeks after the wedding, some  friends still talk about his unique style and  beautiful work.

A wedding means a head full of memories and gifts all over. But, in time, the pictures are what remain, as a testimonial  of this wonderful day.  And with a photographer like Benjamin, Cecile and  I are convinced that thirty years from now,  this beautiful day will still be as colorful and alive in our minds as it is today.


Anna & Damien

Three days before our wedding, I call Benjamin on the phone ."Hey Anna, I think we have some shooting together this weekend". This sets the tone between us.

D-Day. Benjamin was there, each instant with us. During the getting ready time, a discreet, relax presence, with the occasional crazy moments making everybody lugh and breaking the tension.

Over the ceremony, Ben was able to capture the moment's transcendance. Then as soon as the cocktail begins, the fashion photographer is at work. Full of initiative, putting everybody at ease et always with a great humour. That only could give us faces illuminated with happiness like we gotin our wedding pictures.

Impromptu poses more and more unconventional, a lot like us , mixed up with stolen moments. During the evening, a studio where friends could express their... newfound modeklling creativity.

Everybody felt like a star, and beautiful. The place was inhabited by magical scenes which transformed part of the wedding in a happening. We laughed a lot. Nonstop.

And when the result arrives, our hearts beat with the excitement to live that 150-miles-per-hour-day again. We feel happy to know everything is here. We are overcome with happiness seeing the exceptional technical and graphical quality. Benjamin is the only photographer who could have rendered the pictures as beautiful and sincere as our memories.

It was a great joy to shoot with you, thank you and well done.

Dài & Kit

If you like kitsch, run away from Ben!
First discreet but always there then more directive, Ben knows what he wants. He gets into things and reveals his art and charisma.

Everybody plays the game. We hear guests saying : "that guy with his mittens is impressive!", "Ben is nice!", "These pics are original, it's a change from the usual ones!" and "Wow, look at this gear!"

Ben does a photo marathon of his own. With him it's both emotional and creative : garage door, snow, launderette, unconventional pics, he's always looking for a special expression or detail. Nothing escapes his attention. All his pictures are soulful,  and he knows how to capture each person's personality through his pictures as well as the day's atmosphere, be it the more solemn aspect of traditional ceremonies or the crazier side of the evening.

After such a day, nothing's left but memories. Thank you Ben for all these images full of life which will help us remember. Too bad we'll get married only once!

Laetitia & Julien

Two words come to our mind regarding Benjamin : thank you and perfect.

Thank you for capturing so splendidly the atmosphere, the details as well as the big moments of our wedding day.
Your pictures represent everything our marriage is to us. But also and most of all, they hold that liveliness, real and sometimes unconventional...

Perfect, because of your perfect work. You put a great ambiance and many of our friends still speak about it (some of your favorite phrases are about to become catchphrases of our own).

You instinctively understand what will correspond to each and everyone. You are present, and active during the whole wedding... Bravo Maestro! Real artist work.

Emmanuelle & Thibault

We keep looking again and again at the selection of your splendid pictures of our wedding. They really are all we were hoping for... You have managed to pinpoint the spontaneous moments of closeness and happiness... and a lot more detail on top of that we hadn't even noticed.

Technically speaking, your pictures are wonderful, with the blurs, the backgrounds, the light and colors, the angles... We are really happyt o have photos different from classic wedding pictures which look all the same. Yours are just too cool!
I also appreciate the fact you took some pictures of small things from the day I wanted to keep in mind (the ballroom, the flower decoration, my bouquet...)

We are also grateful for your discreet presence during the morning and the preparation, your energy throughout the day, and the ideas you had in the evening.

You were just like one of our chums, our guests loved you, they were talking of no one but you. The unconventional pictures next to the fountain or the porch are great! We hope you had as much fun as we did. We spent a wonderful day and it's also thanks to you!

Kim & Jeff

It has been such a pleasure working with you, from the early days of our engagement, at the formalities of our legal wedding, and for a whole week in Bali.

The mini site you made for us with our photo galleries (8 in total!) is truly a professional reportage. The pictures are just amazing! Our friends and family were very impressed as well. You strike a good balance between knowing when to be discrete and when to direct, always capturing the important moments brilliantly.

We had so much fun with you too. Especially during the trash the dress photo shoot, which was a unique experience for all of us. It's not every day we get to hike through exotic rice paddies in a tropical rain storm in our wedding clothes! The result is sensational.

We could not have brought a better photographer with us to cover our fun, glamorous Bali beach wedding.
Thank you for making us feel like celebrities and for delivering fabulous photos.


Therese & Dirk

After a very full day, evening and night, what can we say but thank you.
Thank you for being there as our photographer. Thank you for accepting the job.We have always been convinced you'd be the ideal person to collect these precious moments and we are very happy it happened so.
Thank you too for working in such a way, discreet, tactful, but also assertive and directing us sometimes with your advice.
We have received countless reactions, among which :

  • Our parents'sincere congratulations. They are very happy with the pictures.
  • Our American friends' envious shivers because they couldn't come (shalalas and woww)My colleagues' laughter at seeing themselves not only as boring people
  • The gratitude discreetly expressed by some people at seeing such amazing pictures of themselves
    The request for sending the full format in order to be able to print portraits at home
  • The contact details requested by girlfriends getting married
  • Another friend's request - she's already married but likes your pictures so much she asked for your contact so she can recommend you to her engaged friends
  • Last but not least, contact detail requests by two single girlfriends who think that in the unlikely event of their ever finding Mr. Right, they'd like you to be their wedding photographer

All in all, thanks again, because you're worth it!


Marie & Christophe

We are super super super... happy. It's wonderful. THANK YOU BENJAMIN, you were awesome, everybody talked about your art and everyone is impatiently waiting for the pictures.... the two of us not least of them. Everybody thought you were so nice and open.

Your new website is top notch. What's more, we're very proud to see a few pictures of our wedding. We are present on a true artist's gallery.

It's very nice to know a bit more about you on "Me". Actually I'm not surprised. It's hilarious. Stay cool man!
Let each new day be a new playground for you, where you can discover even more new lights, colors, contrasts...

Thank you for our wonderful wedding memories. See you soon!


Olivia & Mike

If people keep in mind something or rather someone from our wedding, it's you and your awesome pictures! Thank you for capturing that very important day (or weekend, more like it).

Our friends and family keep talking about your pictures. They are everything but classical wedding pictures, and it's all for the best - they're so much better!!!

It's funny to hear our friends who just got married say about their wedding pics, "OK, it's not as good as Brolet but we did what we could..."

Thanks a million!


Clémentine & Donatien

In a few years from now, when people will think back about our wedding, they'll say : "Right, that was the wedding with the great photographer!"

Some people told us they never felt so comfortable facing a lens. The result is awesome.

We printed a lot of pictures to thank everyone and they thought it was a great souvenir from our big day.

Our wedding was an extraordinary day, and thanks to you well have wonderful memories of it.Thank you Ben.


benjamin brolet