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How I work

What I enjoy in wedding pictures is going against the traditional vision people have of it, by adding themes or items from other angles.The wedding becomes then more like a reportage, more lively, with a less cliché, more contemporary approach.

In my perception, a wedding is not limited to exchanging the wedding bands, stepping out of the church etc. There are other moments such as the getting-ready part which are just as important, or even more important.

That's why I don't only shoot the key moments during a wedding. If I did, I would lose the freedom to capture the whole atmosphere, the overview of the day. I always fully cover the wedding from preparation time to the evening dance, meaning about 17 straight hours of shooting, from 9 am to 2 am the next day.

In my opinion, this time is necessary to build up a relationship with the attendees. I don't believe in chock-full emotional pics taken by someone the people just don't know. As soon as you start talking to guests, they open up and become more expressive, more "real-life" and natural-looking on the pictures, because they feel comfortable. The idea here is not to take pictures of people standing stiff and frozen-smiled.

At the end of the day, my objective is to make whoever sees the pictures like they want to get to know the people in them. Whenever I take a photo, I try to have both photographic interest and spontaneity in it.

A wedding is an event where the wedded couple and all their relatives and friends come together, so it's a unique chance to take picture of the latters as well.
I like to take wedding pictures because I believe it's a very demanding "genre" where lots of different types of photgraphy come together, from portraits to the dance and ceremony... I also particularly enjoy discovering weddings from other cultures, in other countries.

I think wedding photography is mutating nowadays. Whereas wedding photographers used to take over and over again the same conventional pictures, identical from one week/wedding to the next, like dull service providers, it all changed now with the digital Reflex prices getting cheaper and within buying range of more and more people. Now anybody can create their own photographic world.

The time when only professional photographers such as myself owned professional gear is past. Therefore the wedding photographers must now aim for ever higher quality, because of the competition. Which is a good thing.

The studio

Whereas I work without a flash during the day in order to remain insconpicuous, in the evening I go for more contrast.

I don't shoot only the opening dance and talking or dancing guests. I also sometimes set up a mini-studio in a specific location where the wedded couple and their guests can come to do portraits and other, funnier pictures, as a couple or as a group. My objective is to have people letting their hair down in front of the camera for an extravagant, full-party-mode result.

Meeting the fiancés

I always meet the to-be wedded couple months ahead of the wedding. I want to make sure we are on the same wave lengths and that we have a good contact. We are going to spend a whole day together from morning to the wee hours, so this is important.

We both come with our own ideas about the wedding pictures and we discuss them together. It’s a collaboration.


As from EUR 1500 VAT excluded. This includes:


All my pictures are reworked (meaning contrast, color saturation, white balance)

I send over a representative selection the the pictures (about 50 of them) on a secure online gallery within 10 days after the wedding. Within 2 weeks, I give you the DVDs with all the pictures available in 2 formats : one Web-adapted and another fuller one designed for

Over the course of a day and after I select the best pictures, you get between 550 and 700 pictures.

I may use some pictures on my website, to enhance my portfolio but most importantly to share the work I'm proud of. I also take your opinion into account regarding the choice of the pictures displayed.

benjamin brolet