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How can we book you for our wedding?

Please contact me by email or by phone and we will set up a meeting.

Do you travel abroad?

Yes, I do. Travel and accommodation expenses are paid for by the to-be couple. Till now I travelled as far as Bali. Closer to home, did a few weddings in France and Switzerland.

What do you use to work with?

Big black material with Nikon written on it, a bunch of fix focals and some flashes for the evening.

Digital or film?

100% digital.

Color or Black and White?

Both! which doesn't mean I will give you all pictures both in color AND in black and white! A good BW is something you prepare. When you take the picture, if you want it black and white it means you'll pay more attention to contrast than to color complementarity. In the end, I deliver a mix of color and black and white pictures.

How many picture do you take over one wedding day?

Loads and loads. I go through them and sort them out during the day. Part of my job is selecting and editing the best ones.

Do you have an example of a full wedding day with all the pictures?

Yes, I do. And I strongly recommend to the to-be wedded couple to ask for that kind of sample in order to have a good overall idea of the photographer's style and personality. Please contact me for some full wedding pictures coverage.

Do you do wedding albums?

Yes, I do. I work with a graphic studio where they do beautiful albums.

Anything you need during the day?

Redbulls, lots od Redbulls, it helps and it reminds me of my childhood sweet treats.

Is there anything you don't do?

I prefer not to shoot a wedding if it's not for the full day.It doesn't leave me enough time to get into it, grasp the atmosphere, get to know people a little - this is all related in the end to the quality of the pictures which is very important to me!

Besides, I avoid over-prepared stances and poses and things like the wedded couple holding a wooden frame in front of their frozen smile (I still don't get it) or a black and white picture with a few details highlighted in color, to mention a couple of examples.

benjamin brolet